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Passion for complex B2B and Corporate Communications affairs


The more complex your communication challenges are, the better!

Evocar is about complex challenges of B2B and Corporate Communications affairs, spoken with a local accent and following global compliance guidelines... Our challenge is to “translate” B2B and Corporate Communications information in order to deliver simple, accurate messages to stakeholders that make a difference to your business in Brazil and other Latin American markets. We talk to whom it makes sense, in the right way and at a good timing. This means relating to mainstream media, specialized publications, social media or specific audiences, influencers ... While taking good care of your reputation. At Evocar, you can rely on a senior team of Communication professionals, experienced in B2B global accounts, with a background in Economy and Business, Infrastructure, ICT, Science, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Social Responsability.

  • 360º vision of the Brazilian communication ecosystem

    30 years of experience in newsrooms and in corporate communications in agencies and in global companies

  • Best global practices of corporate communication

    Years serving multinational accounts and local companies in the domestic market

  • Senior executives

    A team of experienced professionals in B2B and ITCs accounts

  • Relationship

    Decades working with local journalists and influencers; partnerships with local agencies across Latin America

What we do

Communications Solutions tailored to your specific challenges
Insights, Planning and Communication Consultancy

Who says what about you? What messages to address in specific contexts, how, where, why and when?

Media and Influencer Relationship

Discover, choose, know and relate to people that matter.

Content Creation

From press releases to newsletters, from articles to white papers … from internal bulletins to infographics, all that you need to tell on the platform and format of your choice.

Media training

Know, train, and use your full potential to better relate with the local media.

Internal Communications

Content for multiple channels with your internal audience.

Leadership team

Experienced journalists with a B2B vision
Ana Cecilia Americano
Ana Cecilia Americano
CEO and Founder

Experienced journalists with a B2B vision Telefônica, Oracle, PayPal, CGEE, Comerc Energia, BigData Corp and Boingo. She has a journalist background in mainstream local media, having worked for  Gazeta Mercantil, O Estado de S. Paulo, Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios and Jornal Informática Hoje. 
Thereza Martins
Thereza Martins

Thereza edits newsletters, sustainability reports, institutional books, media reviews. She has been responsible for producing content for Odebrecht Organization, Braskem, Rhodia, Construtora Camargo Corrêa, AkzoNobel Brazil. Also worked as a journalist for  Folha de S. Paulo, Veja, TV Globo, Gazeta Mercantil and  Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios.
Juliana Junqueira Vieira
Juliana Junqueira Vieira
Consultant Partner for Digital Communications

Juliana has been working with Digital Communication for over 18 years. She has already developed projects for brands such as Telefônica, Banco do Brasil, O Boticário, Brasilprev, Petrobras, 3M, Rede, Cielo, Microsoft and other. As a Journalist, she is an expert in digital content, having worked on the iG news portal and advertising agencies such as TV, Isobar and Polvora. She has also worked for O Estado de S. Paulo and for Corporate Communications agencies such as  MSL Group and  FSB.
Clara Barufi
Clara Barufi
Consultant Partner for Energy Affairs

Clara is a specialized journalist in energy, and has been working with Corporate Communications for several trade organizations over the last ten years. She served clients such as Thymos Energia, Industry Associations (Abrace, Anacee Abraceel) and Liquigás Distribuidora. Currently, she develops Communication services for  TR Soluções, Electra Energy and Sun Mobi.


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